Mission Wisconsin

A small budget Geo-targeting Facebook campaign turns into massive results

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Mission Wisconsin

We were honored to work with such an amazing brand with such an incredible Mission in our home state. Mission Wisconsin is a company that helps transitioning and active military personnel land quality jobs with reputable company's in Wisconsin.

Project highlights

In short notice we needed to allocate a small advertising budget to target a career event in Huburt, Florida. The purpose of this campaign was to target a near by military base to frequently show up in our target market's Facebook

news feed. The goal: to get military personnel to the career event and to fill out an application. We ran the campaign a week before the event and a week after the event. We created a CBO campaign and a handful of adsets to test. Over the course of 2 weeks, with less than a $250 dollar budget, Mission Wisconsin saw great results and had a CPC near a dollar with over 80 unique link clicks. this resulted in many applications being filled out. At the event, the owner Steve had said many candidates came to the Mission Wisconsin booth because they saw their ad on Facebook.

There will be 19 more career fair tours for Mission Wisconsin in the next year and a half that we will be optimizing and duplicating the results from this successful Geo targeting campaign! 


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