Mandy Murry

A High Level Hospitality Consultant Gets A Webflow Makeover

Webflow Design & Development

Mandy Murry is a high level hospitality consultant

When we reached out to Mandy she currently had a WordPress site that just didn't reflect her brand. She is a marketing wizard and already had her messaging down but she needed a a new platform to highlight her credibility and market her many offerings.

So we built her a 100% custom Webflow site complete with subtle animation, CRO, and analytics. We put forth the best SEO practices and we built her a sleek and modern website that will help her with her marketing.

There's a few different parts to this website that make it so special. Mandy has her own app that is branded under a different name. We built her out a complete separate page within this website to showcase and highlight that product.

From a marketing standpoint, the website tells the visitor exactly who she is, what type of value they can get from her, and how she is credible. That all happens in the first 4 seconds of being on the website.

If you keep scrolling on the homepage you get to see her services, her backstory, and a very nice testimonial video.

We are also using this Webflow project as a funnel hub. If you aren't familiar, a funnel hub is a place to split test different landing pages and house them to see which ones convert better.

For example, when Mandy launches marketing campaigns for a product she can send the traffic to go to 2 landing pages. Which ever landing page gets her more leads that one will be used.

Check out her site more in depth at her little slice of internet real estate right her👉👉

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