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Paid Social Ads
Paid Social Ads

Taking Employment Recruiting To A Whole New Level

The local Green Bay Chamber Of Commerce created the brand "Your Move Green Bay" to generate interest for people to move to greater Green Bay and fulfill their in demand jobs.

Webvio was hired, beating out Spectrum, by the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce. Tasked with bringing teachers to the Green Bay area to fulfill a high demand for jobs.

Campaign Goals:

Macro: Get teachers to move to Greater Green Bay to fulfill open jobs

Micro: Brand awareness, traffic to landing page.

Here is exactly what we did step by step to accomplish this.

Once we received final budget and parameters for the campaign we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. The entire project was efficiently and seamlessly managed in Basecamp.

We defined our audience. We wanted to capture college graduates in the education field of the top Wisconsin Universities. We also were targeting all teachers who would be open to a possible career and location change.

After defining our audience we decided that Facebook, Instagram, & Tik Tok were the media platforms we we're going to use to get Infront of our audience.

We outsourced copywriting for our ads and video scripts to a very talented copywriter residing in France. From there we passed along scripts to professional content creators. Below are some of the campaign's top performing ads.

Our 2nd ad in the above showcase was listed by the Tik Tok platform as a top performing ad in it's category

With the above content we ran this strategy on Facebook & Instagram:

Top of funnel cold targeting separated by campaigns with one retargeting campaign

Campaign 1: 5 adsets geotargeting different universities narrowed down with interest targeting.

Campaign 2: Midwest city specific geo locations targeting Chicago and Minneapolis narrowed down with interest targeting.

Campaign 3: A Broad Wisconsin campaign interest/behavior targeting congruent interests excluding any website visitors. This was done so we don't double target any university graduates we may have previously with campaign 1.

The fourth campaign was a retargeting campaign that performed extremely well with a heavy focus on a call to action (apply to jobs on the landing page)

On Tik Tok we ran the following strategy:

2 campaigns geo targeting Wisconsin narrowed down by behavior and interest targeting. We practiced day parting - deploying the ads during the most optimal times of the day. We set up one retargeting campaign retargeting website visitors.

Campaign performances:

From above screenshot of metrics here are the key highlights from the campaigns:

  1. Over 1,000,000 impressions
  2. Average targeted cost per click of 61 cents on Facebook/Instagram and 36 cents on Tik Tok
  3. Average click through rate of 4.59% on Facebook/Instagram this tells us the content and ad copy we created worked very well
  4. Over 14K targeted clicks to the landing page across all media outlets
  5. CPM of under $15.00 this tells us Facebook/Instagram was happy with our ads and performing healthy.

We we're incredibly proud of the results of this employment specific digital campaign. This campaign was featured in publication like The Morning Gerald and Walk The Biz

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