Arms Cyber

From An Old WordPress Site To An Updated Webflow Lead Generating Machine

Webflow Design & Development

Landing page makeover

From an outdated static Wordpress landing page to a dynamic, engaging, functional Webflow landing page. Finally, no more dinosaur code and Wordpress headaches!

Arms Cyber is a cyber security website that needed an updated landing page to send to potential prospects and have an online presence. They need some simple functionality like the ability for web users to download additional information and collect leads.

Project highlights

We used a gradient hero section to make a bold statement and make the hero copy pop complimented by a lottie file that demonstrates their brand. Scrolling down the landing page you will find the use of graphics, targeted copy, and a consistent design theme to improve trust, credibility, and user experience.

Landing pages and one page websites are often a great idea for low budget start ups, proof of concept, or offers that need a high conversion rate.

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