Webflow eCommerce to Shopify Conversion

June 30, 2021

Webflow to Shopify Conversion For One Of Spain's Top CBD eCommerce Brands

Webflow to Shopify conversion utilizing the Udesly Adapter

Next Media of Spain needed their client eCommerce experience moved from Webflow to Shopify. They contacted us through our Youtube channel and the relationship began.

This was the most advanced conversion we've done to date. The highlight of this project was the use of Metafields. If you view the product pages, you will notice each product page is different with custom image placement, drop down interactions, and information displayed. We accomplished this in Shopify by adding custom attributed metafields in Webflow and adding the images in the backend files of Shopify.

As our eCommerce solutions become more and more advanced, we look to tackle more custom eCommerce development projects utilizing the power of Webflow and the eCommerce functionality of Shopify.

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