A Fun Corky Dog eCommerce Brand With A Personalized Touch

October 1, 2019

Custom Shopify Development & Design

This project is a Webvio eCommerce brand owned and operated by our founder.

This eCommerce store is a print on demand Shopify brand with custom integration allowing the user to open a product configuration screen to upload pictures of their pet, customize their phone case, and build their own experience.

The creative brief for this brand is fun, playful, and humorous. The goal was a simplistic design that still remained functional, fast, and captured the desired outcomes from the creative brief.

There is couple unique features on this eCommerce store hosted on the Shopify platform that make this store convert high. There is a built in referral program from an application called Talkable. This application incentives user to share  Petpix Printing  to their network for rewards if their referred user converts. Essentially, this is a customer incentivized affiliate program. There is an installed plugin to showcase and highlight reviews from satisfied customers, and a detailed product description page with a video walking customers through the design process.

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