A gorgeous Webflow site built for local growth.

March 3, 2022

Webflow Development

A gorgeous Webflow website built for local growth.

Now this Webflow website is not completely live. You are looking at a prototype that is nearly ready for launch. This brand is a local business in the Green Bay area looking to start a mobile detailing business.

The Webflow site will have optimized SEO to rank in the local Google search query and will act as an online scheduler that will connect with third party software. This website did not need any complex functionality but there are a few things to highlight:

The design is very aesthetic and adds perceived value to the brand.

There is slight dynamic animation with a screen loader and content motion for a subtle clean effect.

The site is designed with the user journey in mind. This website is designed strategically to increase credibility, sell users on their services, and display the most important information.

I challenge you to visit other car detailer websites and come back to our custom Webflow one for Mint Auto. It is superior in design, speed, mobile optimization and SEO. We're on a mission to set the new standard for local business websites.

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