A revolutionary mental health startup meets Webflow

February 1, 2022

Webflow Development
A mental health startup looking to create lasting change uses Webflow to get their ideas off the ground!

IRL168 is an incredible brand. Founded by two amazing Florida woman, the brand is looking to help elderly, give passionate professionals a new way to earn rewarding income, and help families all across the nation. I encourage you to visit the website to learn more about their mission and their brand.

As of 3/1/2022 we have a beta Webflow website created that links out to a Typeform as they are looking to collect information and get visitors to complete a survey since they are in the very early stages of their startup. This store is still in development and we are working on backend infrastructure as well as nailing down the design for conversion.

Future goals including building out different target markets, eCommerce application, and many more software integrations to make this brand come to life fusing technology with people for a greater good.

The inspiration for this website came from https://www.rev.com/ you will see the similarities between the two when compared. We were shooting for a very modern simplistic look with a lot of use of their brand colors. There are no static lines on the site which adds depth and a modern feel to it. As the brand develops and grows so will their Webflow site.

We encourage you to check back for updates and new Webflow developments for this site!

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