Ongoing Facebook Ad Account Management & Optimization

June 1, 2021

Paid Media

Facebook advertising for multiple clients.

Halstead Media is a full service digital agency for luxury landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn maintence companies. They work with higher end full service landscaping companies. Typically, in New York. However, their presence is all over the United States.

Currently, we're being contracted to manage and optimize 6 of their client Facebook advertising accounts. the average client has a Facebook monthly of around $700.00. This means we have been responsible for over $5,000 dollars per month.

Some of the campaigns we run for these clients include:

  • Cold traffic for lead generation
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Employment campaigns

Project Highlights:

  • Under a dollar CPC (cost per click)
  • Average of .20 cents per conversion - Landing page view
  • 4% CTR ( click through rate ) on cold traffic ads and around 6% CTR on retargeting campaigns
  • under $15.00 CPM ( cost per 1,000 people)

We spend a lot of time creating and split testing different ad creatives and copies. We have the interest targeting down and we know what works for our clients and how to reach their ideal customers.

For retargeting campaigns we're utilizing the clients pixel to retarget social media engagers as well as website visitors. Look alike audiences are performing well in our cold traffic campaigns

A lot of attention goes into the copy creation for the advertisement creatives.

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