From Squarespace To Webflow A Complete Makeover

April 2, 2021

Webflow Design & Development

A Custom Built Webflow Site Focusing on Simplicity & Professionalism

This public relations company based out of southern California specliazes in public relation services for tech companies. They've worked with some incredible companies in the industry including: Fortnite, Zumper, Solv, Houseparty, and many more.

When brainstorming an idea we took inspiration from other similar companies in their space. We implemented the gradient style headings congruent throughout the website due to lack of content and gradients are trending in the design community. It adds elegance and a unique look.

The website is simply designed to build credibility through showing their work on their results page and showing their previous clients.

The client mainly wanted to highlight their services and give potential prospects more information on their stories, credibility, and services.

They mainly rely on networking and their current network to gain clients and aren't too involved in the digital space. However, they know the importance of having a branded professional website to display their services, work history, and have potential leads contact them through.

From Squarespace to Webflow

This client originally had their website through Squarespace. The site needed a redesign to appear more professional and credible. We know website visitors judge company's credibility solely on web experiences and design. This can be the difference between 1 new client per month or 10.

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