A Digital Marketing Company Managing Millions In Ad Spend Chooses Webflow Over WordPress

September 1, 2021

Webflow Development
A top contender in the digital agency space partners with Webvio to develop their new website

CRO, Facebook ads, Google ads, landing page optimization, are just a few of the services Centrasyte offers. They currently manage millions in sales and wanted to update their old WordPress website and migrate their CMS to Webflow. They completely redesigned their site for optimal conversion and efficiency.

Webvio worked with the Centrasyte team off of Figma to develop their site. The goal was to emulate https://close.com/ an industry leading website designed for conversion. If you compare the two sites, you'll see the resemblance.

Some project highlights for this project included the custom blog CMS, the custom CMS for their free resources, and project portfolio.

This was our first custom mobile navigation menu project. We implemented custom code to make the mobile menu work the way Centrasyte wanted it to for optimal mobile UX

They have an incredible graphic designer who made all the custom graphics and they are experts in copywriting.

As of September 1, 2021 this was Webvio's most complex Webflow development project to date. Check it out!

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