Webflow to Shopify - Is it even possible? 

The short answer is yes of course. There is currently an adapter tool called Udesly that transfers Webflow websites to other platforms such as Shopify, Wordpress, Ghost, and Jamstack. We work exclusively with the Webflow to Shopify conversion.

Our experience

To date, we have overseen one full Webflow to Shopify conversion from start to finish and we currently have 3 in the que. The first project we worked on was PostedCa. View the project and final website on our portfolio: https://www.webvio.io/portfoliopage/postedca 

To sum up this project the client was not satisfied with the Shopify themes, they didn’t want to hire expensive liquid developers, and they wanted custom designs to resemble top-performing competitors. Sound familiar? With Webflow we created the perfect website and transferred it back to the Shopify platform so they can utilize all of Shopify’s functionality. This all sounds good right? It was not the easiest process in the world and if you’ve dabbled in the conversion process you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’re a while out yet before the Udesly adapter is where it needs to be and there is very limited content out there helping users take on this challenge. So we reverse-engineered Udesly templates and basically played trial and error until we got it right. At the peak of this project, we had 171 zip files of Webflow code in our downloads folder. For explanation, you have to upload the Webflow code with custom attributing all necessary pages and content to get the Webflow theme to pull data from the Shopify database. This process takes a little bit of time. It can be very frustrating if you need to change one simple thing on the website and you have to change it in Webflow export the code and then transfer it back to the Shopify dashboard and reupload and publish the theme for it to take effect. 

You can however build dynamic sections that are customizable and accessible in the Shopify editor which comes in handy for changing links, pictures, featured products etc. We have a youtube tutorial on this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIj96rq_OHw&t=1s 

We’ve also consulted on a few conversions and there seems to be a common denominator on these projects, they’re buggy and not intuitive. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done and we’re still tackling projects to help eCommerce brands utilize Webflow and still keep the functionality of Shopify. 

The future is looking bright

Udesly is rolling out an updated adapter we hope will fix some of the bugs and hopefully, make an easier less tedious process. However, there are software companies that understand this need and are creating their own solution. An individual named Jack and his partner (former Shopify employee) are looking to create a one click publish Webflow to Shopify conversion software. View their website here: https://webflow.edapt.nz/ 

We are very interested to see how this will compare to Udesly and how the final software will turn out. They are still a few months away from launching anything but the power of this software is looking to conquer the Udesly adapter unless their new updates fix a lot of issues. 

After launching our Webflow to Shopify Youtube video we had an influx of inquires and questions around this topic. We are currently taking on more Webflow to Shopify conversions to immerse ourselves in this process and become the top contender in this space and hopefully assist in pioneering this industry. 

To sum everything up the Udesly adapter could be better but we’re working with what we have. Stay tuned for updated projects, tutorial videos, and news on this topic. 

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