Is Webflow only for giant tech companies and innovative startups? 

Of course not, as we do see a trend on large fintech and fancy startups using Webflow. We’re on a different path. We’re on a mission to connect the power of Webflow to small businesses all across the United States. Our favorite clients are clients like “Jim’s plumping”,“Mark & Tim’s CPA Service”, and “Joanna’s Boutique. The reason for this is we can over-deliver using the power of Webflow and absolutely crush their local competition providing them with a product and service that’s way ahead of their local time. We want to make these small clients so incredibly happy they recommend everyone in their business network and before you know it every website on the internet is a Webflow website. Maybe that’s a little far out but you get the idea. 

With Webflow we are able to work within smaller budgets effectively and efficiently for both parties. We can offer premium hosting and the best SEO practices for these smaller businesses. 

Why go after the little guys?

I’ve been influenced by small businesses my entire life. My grandpa started a machining company, my grandma had a small supplement company, my parents owned a family restaurant. Small local businesses, in 2021, now more than ever need to have a web presence and strategy in place. That’s our motivation for bringing the innovation of Webflow to small business owners and that’s what Webvio Web Development is all about. 

Is Webflow right for my small business? 

The short answer is if you have a website then yes. However, there are so many factors to take into consideration and every business is different. There are thousands of web design and hosting solutions out there. For example, we recommend Shopify over Webflow for eCommerce and selling online but we use Webflow to create the store and then transfer it to the Shopify platform for eCommerce functionality. 

Imagine this scenario 

I am searching for auto repair in Racine, Wisconsin - population 77,000. You visit two local websites. The first, “joe’s auto repair” it is a WordPress website that is not mobile-friendly and just displays some basic information and a number to call. The next site you visit is “jerry’s auto repair” you are greeted with high-level imagery, with a booking integration to schedule same day repair. The site’s load speed was incredible, there was slight animation making the website fun to navigate and hold your attention. It was mobile friendly and you even stopped to read a blog post on the exact service you are looking for. Eventually, Jerry will start to clean up the auto repair market in Racine, Wisconsin. 

To bring everything full circle, Webflow will take your local business to the next level. Sadly, many business owners don’t even know it exists. That’s why we’re launching campaigns all over the county to educate, and build Webflow for all sorts of local small businesses. 

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