Ever dreamed of owning your own eCommerce business?

At Webvio, we’ve been working on this offer for quite some time and it’s finally here. We call it: Build A Brand 

Winning in eCommerce in 2022 is all about branding and we’d like to think we know a thing or two about it. As a creative digital marketing company we absolutely love this offer and what we will be able to do with it. 

Essentially, our Build A Brand customers will receive a completely packaged eCommerce store with a bow on it ready to take to market. It will also come with a free marketing guide on how we would market the store. We wanted to build an eCommerce offer that provided so much value that you would have to try to NOT succeed with it. Henceforth, Build A Brand was created. 

It is said that the best place to start a web business is through ecommerce. And there are a number of advantages to this. Firstly, there is a growing opportunity to make money from ecommerce. In 2018, ecommerce is expected to grow by 14%, making it the most profitable business sector. 

We want to provide a foundation for aspiring entrepreneurs and help individuals all over the globe build a profitable brand. 

We finally have the infrastructure in place to make this offer come to life. 

I’m new to all this. What is drop shipping?

With drop shipping, the retailer (you) does not handle the inventory; instead, you arrange with a supplier to ship orders to customers. You take a percentage of each sale, and the supplier takes the rest. This is a great way to start an ecommerce brand because the barrier of entry is easy and doesn’t require upfront product investment

Isn’t Shopify drop shipping scam?

The short answer, when done right, is absolutely not. It has gotten a bad reputation over the year due to influencers in this space advertising it as a get rich quick scheme. However, the reality is that many brands you probably already shop at are using the drop shipping model such as Wayfair. 

With increasing solutions in the logistics industry we have our eyes on many new companies offering fulfillment services and solutions. 

Currently, every Build A Brand store comes with Zendrop - a product sourcing software that gives faster shipping both domestically and internationally. 

We could talk all day about Build A Brand

Check it out for yourself @ 👉👉👉https://buildabrand.io/ 

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